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Hello Hollywood - ISOM 2019

Date posted: 04th of June 2019

We’re going to Hollywood! The CRE-ICHEAR is supporting seven ear and hearing health superstars to present their latest findings during the ISOM 2019 conference in Los Angeles.

The International Society for Otitis Media (ISOM) will host the 20th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Otitis Media from June 3 – 9.

ISOM 2019 aims to advance the frontiers of research, education and patient care as they relate to otitis media through an international forum. United by the common goal of relieving the burden of otitis media and its sequelae from patients and families, ISOM 2019 brings together global experts in middle ear disease such as otolaryngologists, paediatricians, infectious disease experts, immunologists, pharmacologists, epidemiologists, statisticians, public health officials, and experts from government and industry.

The CRE-ICHEAR supported team will shine a light on the health inequity faced by Australian Indigenous children who have the highest recorded prevalence of suppurative otitis media (perforated ear drums) in the world. Most importantly, they will demonstrate how we are working collaboratively to close the gap in educational and social disadvantage associated ear disease and hearing loss among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The CRE-ICHEAR will be tweeting from Hollywood throughout the conference. Follow us on Twitter and be part of the conversation!

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