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Overall objectives for the CRE_ICHEAR

  1. To establish a National Strategic Plan for Otitis Media and Hearing Loss Prevention Research through a coordinated collaborative systematic review (the Review) of research programs in high-risk populations that identifies research strengths, gaps and priorities.

  2. To use CRE-funded extensions to our core research program to generate New Knowledge that will address these gaps and priorities directly. This new knowledge will inform policy and practice in the prevention and treatment of OM and in reducing the associated hearing loss in Indigenous children across Australia.

  3. To build a multidisciplinary Indigenous-led network of high calibre researchers to lead research that addresses the priorities of Indigenous child health across Australia.

  4. To improve quality, consistency and translation of all the work done by relevant Australian research groups. We will facilitate collaboration through regular face-to-face meetings of the Advisory Board (AB), the Leadership Group (LG), the Research Group (RG), the Indigenous Reference Group (IRG), the Capacity Building Group (CBG), and the Working Groups (WG).

Goal 1. Collaboration      Goal 2. New Knowledge      Goal 3. Indigenous Led      Goal 4. Research Translation

Governance Structure

The objectives of the CRE will be overseen by multidisciplinary members of the CRE Governance groups. These groups will meet frequently throughout the year to review the progress and outputs of the CRE.


For researchers

Otitis Media (OM), sometimes known as glue ear or runny ears…

For health practitioners

Otitis Media (OM), sometimes known as glue ear or runny ears…

For families and communities

Many Indigenous children, and almost all Indigenous children living in remote communities...