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Prevention & Treatment


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Prevention & Treatment

How do I prevent ear disease?

  • Get your kids ears checked regularly by a health worker, doctor or nurse
  • Know the signs of ear infection
  • Get their ears checked, even if they seem okay. They could be sick with no symptoms. 
  • Keep kids clean by washing their hands and faces regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Make sure kids get all their vaccinations
  • Get kids to blow their nose
  • Breastfeed – it helps to fight infections and makes your baby strong
  • Don’t smoke – your smoke is bad for your kids ears too
  • Don’t stick anything in kids ears (not even a cotton bud), unless it is recommended by your health worker, nurse or doctor

How is ear disease treated?

  • Treatment may include medicine, or in some cases an operation
  • If you are given medicine, it is important to take the full amount advised by your health worker

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