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2020 OM Guidelines


The 2020 update of the Otitis Media Guidelines for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children has now been released. It is currently available as a desktop version and via Apple app store and Google Play.

 The CRE_ICHEAR established a clinical and technical advisory group (TAG) comprising experts in the field of ear and hearing health. They used the  GRADEpro approach to update the previous version of the Guidelines, "The 2010 Recommendations for clinical care guidelines on the management of otitis media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations". The 2020 OM Guidelines are for use by clinicians and health workers who have responsibility for management of OM in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children – in urban, rural and remote populations. They will be available as a hard copy (print pending) and have also been developed into a mobile App, available via Apple app store and Google Play.


OM-TAG Team (left to right A. Williams, Dr. S. Brophy-Williams, Prof. P. Torzillo, Prof. P. Morris, Prof. H. Coates, Dr. J. Sommer, Dr. H. Gunasekera, Dr.J. Boswell, K. Curry, Dr. J. Reath, S. Harkus, Prof. A. Leach): not in photo - Ass. Prof D. Lehmann, Dr. C. Perry, Ass. Prof K. Kong, Prof. S. O'Leary, Prof. D. Issacs, Ms. S. Nelson.

The OM-APP was developed in stages. Stage i) updated Guideline (Systematic Reviews) and the diagnosis algorithms, incorporating still and video images and tympanograms (recommended for diagnosis of OM). The content will be developed under direction of a national technical advisory group (TAG), Chaired by a high profile expert with experience in Indigenous health.  Stage ii) The OM-APP will be trialled extensively with consumers (clinicians and AHPs), using real world case studies.

There is a need to raise awareness of the early impacts OM and hearing loss on child development, on social and educational outcomes throughout life – this updated guideline and OM-APP has the potential to make a substantial contribution to awareness and motivation.

The OM-APP is available on your smart phone via Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Project Lead: Professor Amanda Leach, Menzies School of Health Research

Centre of Research Excellence in Ear and Hearing Health Goals


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